Over 6 years ago I started on a journey of researching the entire spectrum of Organic foods, the meat and dairy industries, factory farms, Vegetarian/Vegan lifestyles, Vibrational Medicine, etc. All the while I was deeply immersed  in  herbalism, holistic practices and the like. My need for information and self experiences set me on a course that would take me from my home town in Bucks County PA, to Phoenix AZ, and currently Oakland, California where I am being educated in the ways of Ayurveda.
My journey thus far has taught me many many things. I've experienced loss, gains, and a true sense of self. I eventually became a vegan for not only health reasons first and foremost, but for sustainability and the firm belief, backed by vast amounts of research, that we can do much better without the use of many animal products as we know them today. I've gone from a life of unhealthy choices, to a spiritual sense that has carried me onto this  journey.
 This blog is an information gateway to easily access information that will only bring positive things to your life in both a sustainable and Ayurvedic lifestyle for EVERYONE.

Knowledge is power, and we all have the ability to learn and move forward. But our own ego can sometimes stifle those triumphs. 

That is the test isn't it?

"The Natural Forces within us are the true healers of Disease."       ~ Hippocrates

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