My very first guest blog!

My first Worldwide guest blog article. PLEASE READ THIS! This means SO much to me!
Thank you Julie Cerrato of Veda Health (Newtown, Pa - Menlo Park, Ca)
  for this very meaningful opportunity!!!
This means so much!
~Love to all!!!


  1. Joe This is an awesome middle to your journey...I love the pic of you and will throughout today be reading and clickin here to learn more not only how to better my fallen health but to learn so much more about you I do not know and just your smile lets me know how much you have become a happier healthier person. Love this and am glad to be part of your journey! Congrats on this and look forward to so much more. Love you so much you can't imagine or maybe you can!!! Hugs and Misses!!!

  2. It was just a matter of time. You have had the most spiritually evolved beings in your midst for so long, it was bound to rub you in the rite direction. Much Love and Light to you on your newfound glory. You deserve the best, always. Mastering a degree of the spectrum of Naturopothy or Holistics is something I wish for all of us. Understanding how we all fit in on this spinning rock of beauty is, at the very least, a small step for positive consciousness. Remember your roots and Congrats. XOXO, Julia